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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A new train load of Orphans...

The camera is working again! Hurray for chargeable batteries! The mailman rang my doorbell yesterday, and delivered a box of Orphan blocks from Chris, of San Diego, CA. A nice email last week let me know she's been following my blogs and had orphan blocks she would like to donate. I'm always happy to accept Orphan block donations. She said there were quite a few, and what an understatement that was!!
There is definitely more than one quilt in these pictures. *VBS* What a treasure trove of goodies here.
DD#1 had surgery yesterday, and the hours between noon and 3 were long ones. Her DH was at the hospital, and her best friend, but Mom wasn't needed. Thanks to Chris's timely package, I was busy during those hours,fingering the blocks,sorting and stacking. Some ready to go "as is", some that will need modification. Some spare parts set aside, some taken apart.She came through the surgery just fine, and is back home this afternoon.
Earlier today, the log cabin units in the first photo were just a stack of blocks. I sorted out the finished ones. There were about 4 or so, that were begun, but with a backwards first strip. Took those apart, re-assembled them and finished them out to 6.5". By noon today I had the units of 4 blocks each ready to march across the top of a new Orphan block quilt.
I have many happy days ahead of me, playing with all these new babies, introducing them to other Orphans on our happy train. Thank you Chris *VBS* I appreciate you reaching out in friendship, and enriching my stash of Orphan blocks and bits.
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scrappy quilter said...

It's going to be so fun watching and waiting to see what you do with these blocks. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Hope your dd has a quick recovery.

Kaynisa said...

I love reading your blog... very interesting...
Have a pleasant day

Chris said...

Oh Finn,
They look so cute the way you have laid them out. I made THE RIGHT decision sending them to you!

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