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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Expecting the Unexpected....from Jeanne

[curtseying to dear Finn ... ]

(In Jeanne's own words:)
Look at what I got done today!

This began with some ugly light blue HSTs that turned up when I was scouting for orphans a while ago. I made them up into Contrary Wife blocks the other night, and went on from there today.

Not much rhyme or reason here, other than 4" square subunits, limited to pinks and blues I had on hand, and a finished size of 40" x 60" for Wrap Them In Love.

This pretty much depletes my "pinks and blues" -- it's not a color scheme I use, and the odd pieces that came out of my stash were old and not very exciting. But I'm sure some poor little girl in an orphanage in Honduras will think this is fine.

I don't have any batting here right now, so this will age for a week or so. Like Finn said, these orphan quilts won't win any prizes, but they will keep someone cozy.

AND what I have to say about this orphan quilt...*VBS*:
Finn said...
Love, love, love the orphan, Jeanne, and by making those leftovers into something pretty and useful, you've given them a purpose and a 'life'. I know these quilts don't meet our expectations of all that we can do with fabric and patterns, but in a way, they are just a different chapter.
Instead of the French Dip sandwich, they are the gravy over bread..*VBS*
You've satified yourself in using them, and met the need of another...doesn't get much better than that! Hugs, much love, Finn

July 17, 2007 10:26 AM


Katie said...

Why am I unable to see the pic when I click on the red X?

Barbara C said...

This is a lovely quilt. I love the intricate patterns and the colors are very soothing. It will be well-loved I'm sure.

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