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Monday, July 16, 2007

A quilt from the past, called Fragments....

and sometimes, it seems like that is what there is. Fragments, parts of things, pieces and bits, driftwood and debris floated up on shore. To some, it's trash. Garbage, a nuisance, something to dispose of...including children and animals. Of no worth. How sad that the world has come to a place of such affluence, that it can so easily discard things at a moments notice and without a second thought. Someone inherited these blocks and scraps, and took the time to make something useful and beautiful, something of value. First it was leftovers, parts. Today it is a treasure! One never knows, does one??? I give you lyrics of a song, I've never heard, but I would love to. It came email today from Michele of hearts-n-hands, a quilting journey. Her link is on my sidebar at Pieces.

Orphan Train
lyrics as sung by Lee Ann Womack
Come all you broken hearted, come and lay your burden down
Come kings and queens, come royalty surrender up your crown

Come empty-handed come with nothing of your own to claim
Come naked, poor, come like a child to ride the orphan train

Chorus: Come ride, ride on the orphan train
Put your ear to the track, you can hear your name
Come ride, ride on the orphan train, it'll take you all the way home
The way is narrow, it is steep that brings you to the door
But love awaits there to embrace your heart forevermore
(Repeat Chorus)

Come you abandoned, you forsaken
Friendless and alone, come refugees left homesick for
Some place you've never known
Here princes, paupers, criminals and saints are all the same
No more or less than God's beloved child aboard this train

(Repeat Chorus twice)

It'll take you all the way home
It's gonna take you all the way home

-- I'm sure the composer had Heaven in mind, while speaking of orphans and abandoned and unloved, but the all encompassing the 'concept' of riding the orphan train truly orphaned and abandoned(in many ways) one can be. Awareness is the may not be the answer, but it opens the door.


Anonymous said...

I love this quilt Finn,
is it yours????? is a treasure in my mind too!
Kathie in NJ

mamaspark said...

What a treasure! (you too, not just the quilt!!)

Lynn Dykstra said...

This quilt is just wonderful

Marcie said...

That is truly an inspiring quilt! The song lyrics are neat. I would like to hear that song also. "A little traveling music" What TV show was that?

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