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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I can't bear to part with even one....

is what you would have heard if you had been a mouse in Elaine's sewing room. She had decided to look through her collection of orphans, and 'first beguns' to see what she could donate. You
need to scoot over to Elaine's blog at and read her version of the WHOLE story, and why she couldn't part with a single one...*VBS* The result was this orphan block quilt top, which is nearly, but not quite, finished.
She has chosen a 'framing style' of setting them all together. The possibilities are quite amazing with these unloved type blocks. We've already seen a wide variety of approaches to their way of coming together. And what fun it is deciding what will go where and why. Who will live next to, or run from? Will they play nicely together, or cause endless trouble? Now, if only we could carry some of "that" approach over to all the quilts me make. If we would just explore the "what if" a little longer or deeper.
Like Patti just said in her comment at my blog, she wouldn't have thought to stick redwork orphans in my Yuletide Orphans, but they'll work fine in there....*VBS* And they are out where they can be enjoyed.
I also came across a little counted cross stitch chickadee yesterday, made by my youngest DD. Don't see or hear much from or about her here. That pretty much sums up the role we play in each others lives. But if I interface the little bird, which is maybe 3.5" square, and put it in my quilt....well, you get the picture.....right?


Elaine Adair said...

Hah ! I'll be the first to comment. Isn't it even MORE enjoyable to see your own projects on the blogs? 8-)

I remember the quilt you are using on your blog - that was one of those "takes my breathe away" moments, when I first saw that.

Great post, Finn, now to finish my two quilts for our guild quilt show, next week ( !!!) ... hurry, hurry, then I might be able to start on this orphan. Goodness knows, I still have LOTS of blocks left, although the temptation is to make some MORE!

Have a lovely July 4th.

Shelina said...

I really like this setting for orphan blocks. Some of the others seem too busy for me.

Sue in western WA said...

That cross stitch chickadee will be perfect in a Yuletide Orphan quilt! Put her in, put her in!

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