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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Orphan Train quilts that Patti built.....

and really great ones they are!! Definitely a "Two-Fer" project, as some of them are turning out to be...*VBS* And isn't it amazing how fast they go, once you get started? Patti started digging in her blocks and parts at the same time we started, June 24th. And here is is July 3rd, and as of Sunday,the 1st, she has both of these together. A narrow black inner border and then a wider Moda Marble will be the outer border. These will be going to live in Patti and Fred's tent camper..what fun to sleep under the stars under these little gems!!
Patti's challenge was slightly different from what most of us are doing, because she works largely with "parts", not complete blocks. It takes more sewing and more planning and probably more 'fill' than if they were all sized blocks. This one is quilt # 1, of course.

And this one is quilt #2. I think they will continue to be called Chaos # 1 and Chaos #2. Patti is really pleased with
the I would be also! And BONUS!!! She has an empty plastic bin where the orphans used to live, and only this many left overs. Just those few...starter parts. Isn't that amazing????
I have heard from Elaine Adair and she has an orphan top to be showing us also, so I'll add her to the list to be featured here. Not sure if it will be tomorrow or not, Elaine, but you are a 'ticket holder' and you may ride the orphan train..*VBS* Jeanne has blocks in progress also, and I must scoot over and get that picture. My blocks in progress, which I worked on yesterday, I will post on my Pieces blog for now.
Cher, don't be bashful, when you are ready just jump on board, your name is on the list. As is quilt pixie, brit, and a few others I haven't heard from as yet.....drop me an email when you have a picture to share, as I don't (quite) get around to everyone's blog every day or so...I'm not ignoring you...honest! I'm sewing *VBS*
The leftovers from Patti's adventure.

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Sue in western WA said...

Wow. Patti is to be commended. Two quilts and so few leftovers! Way to go!

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