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Monday, July 9, 2007

More goodies from Sue....

and the beginnings of another orphan block quilt. This one for a future grandchild if I read correctly. Some of the blocks have been orphans all the way back to her DD being a baby.
That's a feeling I know very well. I'm actually embarassed to admit how old some of my orphan projects are.
But the wonderful news is that the blocks and fabric hold their value. What they were is pretty much what they still are. People always think that old or older fabric can't be used. Obviously there is a "point" beyond which it shouldn't be, but I can tell you I have fabrics from the 1930's and upward that would rival todays fabrics for durablility, color and defintely win hands-down in a ravel contest.
About all I can figure is that it was a better grade of cotton, or a more dense thread count in the weaving process. I washed up some of my loot from shopping in Stillwater and with Betsy earlier. I'm always amazed and appalled by the amount of raveling there is in many of todays fabrics. And thank goodness for those Shout Color Magnet sheets.
But getting back to Sue's blocks, I'm not sure if she will set them with lattice, or as is. Same with borders. Do visit her at , scroll back a couple of days to last week, and see what SHE has to say about these blocks. And do look at her Spirit Journal quilts in progress.

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