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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orphan blocks that live with Tracy....

One of our newest passengers on the Orphan Block Train is Tracy. She blogs at 'Tis the Gift, and the addy is These are some of the orphan blocks she found when she began to look for them.
She found quite a few more than she expected to.....LOL Tracy says:"I am very excited to be jumping on the orphan train:) I can't wait to see what all these blocks can become when combined. I love the quilts that others have created already."

The second picture is of 'new' blocks being constructed to assist the existing ones...a perfectly acceptable part of the challenge. And last but not least, a picture of the "beginning" of Tracy's Orphan Train quilt. It sounds like she is having lots of fun with this 'no muss, no fuss, no frills' way to make a quilt *VBS* Great job so far Tracy!
Do pop over to her new blog and say "hi" and welcome to Blogland *VBS*Link on the sidebar.

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