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Friday, November 2, 2007

Head Engineer Finn reporting...

with a little help from Ebony, as always *VBS* It's been a while since I just talked to you...I've been in a fairly productive period of getting some UFO's finished up. And I decided a day or so ago(when I saw Jeanne's Christmas Orphans) that it was HIGH TIME I got back to my Yuletide Orphans. The ones laid out in the picture are the ones I headed into this challenge to use up.
I puttered with them for a short time back in June, but who's thinking Yuletide in June???? So I parked them on a 'siding' and let the train roll on without them. more! I'm re-visiting them, today in fact.
I've pulled them ALL out again, along with the tubs of christmas fabric scraps, and it's time to 'rock and roll' with this batch!
Of course I had to clear the decks this morning(umm, errr, I mean clear the tracks) *G*.
There was a stack of 5" 9 patches waiting to be joined up with setting squares, and I got nearly ALL of them sewn before I had to leave for lunch. A little more sewing and I will have enough blocks for a donation quilt *VBS*.
Then I can really "hit" the orphans! I haven't heard much from some of our volunteers about their orphan about joining me????


Quilting Journey said...

Hey Finn, I am working on an Orphan Train project...the book you just sent me 'My Name is Margorie, The Brave Journey of an Orphan Train Rider'...VBG. Some of us sew, and some of us just lay in bed and read ;)I couldn't sleep last night, and got half of it read! Oh, if everyone could just read about the Orphans and feel what I feel, you'd sure want to whip up some quilts for the little ones to hide under when they're lonely or sad, or cuddle under when they do have someone to love them! Maybe, when the book is done, I'll come up with another quilt! But right now, the train is docked at this depot and I'm under a quilt :)

fuzzywhitedogs said...

I'm wanting some of my blog friends to read about the Orphan Train, so I'm tagging you!

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Jeanne said...

How goes it with your Christmas orphans?
Jeanne :)

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