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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bargain Basement, Quilter Style....Part 2

and who better to come up with this gorgeous Orphan block and bits quilt than our very own Bonnie, from Quiltville *VBS*I was blog hopping yesterday, waiting for the computer guy to return and install that additional memory and do bit more cleaning up. I popped over to see what Bonnie was up to, besides beginning a new mystery("Orange Crush") at Quiltville and with her mystery group.
Along with another whole top, apparently pieced over the past week or weekend(she amazes me with her speed!) I found this beauty.
I had to put it's name into the 'Search this blog' to find it's beginnings(which were only a short ago...LOL. I dropped her an email to ask for permission to share her quilt here, since it has soooooooo many of the elements this challenge and blog are about. She said "yes" with a big smile for all. And my message to you?? "ITS OK TO USE SPARE PARTS"!!!!! Honest!
This is the backing "Bargain Basement", and her words explaining the final result of the Bargain Basement effort.
Bonnie said:"So here are the photos of Bargain Basement!I did tall dogteeth borders, and following the lead of our quilters past, I just let the borders end where the borders all the corners are slightly different. Talk about fun and no stress!
The big red plaid in the border was from a lady's jumper that I took apart. There was a ton of red plaid in that jumper! (It was a 3XXX!) The black homespun plaid binding was actually a bathrobe...yes...made out of homespun, just like we'd buy off the bolt. Lots of yardage in that too.
The back....I used up fabric from a skirt...the blue gingham with the fruit on it, and some other older yardage that had a "plaidy-stripe-y" feel to it. Seems like I've been trying to get rid of that bolt of blue noah's ark fabric for ever. I've still got a lot of that in tan too! I used the left over dog tooth border in the back as well." Thank you so much's wonderful!

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Helen in the UK said...

LOVE this quilt. The 'freedom' really shines through both on the front and the back :)

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