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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bonnie's Bargain Basement....Part 1

I suppose I'm probably not easily impressd. And when I am, it's not Baltimore Album quilts that do it for me. I think a quilter needs to have the ability to 'endure', 'to make do', and to understand the humble legacy that American quilt making grows from. Not many Baltimore Album quilts were pieced on the Oregon Trail.This quilt top, of Bonnie's, could have been. And I love it! It does not pretend to be anything that it isn't.
Here are Bonnie's words, speaking about making this quilt top: "While I was cutting strips for the Superbowl Bargello party for this Sunday, I started cutting other sizes too to play with some block ideas I had....and yes..I sewed last night until midnight and this is what I've got! This went SO FAST!
All of the little random 4 patches and geese units were SUPPOSED to be where plain 3.5" cut squares were to go, but why cut squares, when I can dig into this drawer of rejected pieced units and use them instead of the 3.5" squares?! The geese units were a partially pieced border. I took them apart into pairs...some of the geese turned direction in the border, so it left this little square in square thingy..throw that in too..make the geese turn all different directions!
There were red/gold 4 patches that were a rejected cornerstone from another project. Only had 4 of those, but throw them in! A couple red/plaid hourglass blocks that were a test? Add them too!
And THEN...there were these brown gingham/solid red half square triangles that were going to be the sashings of the "swing your partner" quilt before I rejected them for a darker fabric....throw those in and turn them every which way, and voila!
Yes, my dear Scarlett, Solid red IS a neutral!

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Clare said...

Finn - whatever you do don't open those links and delete the comments..

Red is definitely a neutral *s*

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