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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Working with orphan blocks....Part 1

Do you need a little help with those odd blocks and bits? Here's a little tutorial to help you get rolling. Gather up all those odds and ends that might work. It's amazing how many there can be. Think about a size and shape(quilt top)that you want to make.
 It doesn't matter if some are big and some are small. They can even be odd shapes. I suggest sorting the blocks into sizes. It's easier to pair them up with a similar size. Think about sorting by color perhaps. That works too.
 One possibilty is to make sections.That is how I did the original Orphan Train Heading West quilt. Putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a section. Or think vertical or horizontal rows. I've done both. It makes no difference, it all works.
 When you've got a stack(or pile)of same size blocks, don't worry about them not matching...close is perfect..lets sew!!If you HAVEN'T got a stack of same size blocks, think about adding a strip ot two to achieve the needed size. Just "kinda" match them, almost everything goes with everything else. I try to avoid putting big sections of lights together, etc. At this point don't worry about the final outcome. It will grow like a seed given sunlight and water.
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jovaliquilts said...

What a freeing way to work! And the quilts are really fun to look at. Thanks for the tips, we get orphan blocks donated to us for Project Linus.

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