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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday....A Finn Frugal Friday Feature..

coming your way. Are you ready? Do you want to play? Do you need more warning than this?? Well...I did mention it last Friday...does that count??I'm going to DO IT!! Every Friday til next year, if I can. Does it matter what you sew? Not really, but it would be fun if it was something 'improv'. Blocks from the orphan box, maybe just one or two,with stuff added. Or sting blocks, if you aren't sure about orphans.
I don't remember that we've had a lot of string blocks, or quilts, shown on the Orphan Train. But Mary, at Making Scrap Quilts from Stash, has loads of them. It's an ongoing project, and ALL of November is one BIG BLOCK PARTY with them. Why not sew up some to donate?

Or play in your scrap box or Scrap Saver's cut strips? I'm going to start sewing about 9 CST..and will sew through pretty much the whole day. I'm thinking about orphan blocks, and have spent some time today pulling some into a box. I mostly fly by the seat of my pants, so we'll see what tomorrow brings. Might just be that I'll sew string blocks *VBS* I will post my progress at the end of the day..a real Frugal Friday Feature *VBS*

1 comment:

scrappy quilter said...

I can't do this tomorrow, however I'll start next Fri. Not sure how I'll do it yet. Hugs..

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