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Friday, September 24, 2010

Greasing the gears....

 Boy, it's been a very LONG dry spell here on the Orphan Train, hasn't it? I suppose I could/should hang my head in shame and slink away....but....I'm not a "slinker". So I'll just hop back onboard and carry on from here. Join me if you care to...*VBS* This blocks are a smaller version of the fungly blocks Tonya and Bonnie had us making, maybe 2 years ago. They have been sitting in a container taking up space and storage for long enough!
 I had a similar container with the siggy blocks from my Y2K swaps. I swapped 25 2.5" squares plus a siggy blocks with lots and lots of gals I had met on The World Wide Quilt Page. Didn't know what to do with the siggy blocks, so I made them into 9 patches, and then they sat...and sat...and sat! My recent mojo boost got me thinking and doing! I combined the two containers and now I have a small wall quilt for my sewing room.
  I do have lots and lots of orphans to play with, but I pulled out a couple of older projects, determined to make some progress on them, or finish them! I like to sew in the morning, with my cup of coffee and a DVD. I sew for about the length of the DVD episode(or two) and then get busy with my day. I decided it's the perfect length of time to make progress on an existing project. I could be(and love)doing more MAM blocks, no cutting or planning required, but I need some of these older projects to be GONE. So that's my focus right now. Senior moment and I can't remember if I showed the quilt below or not. It's a MAM quilt, with the lattice compliment of friend Jean, all pre-cut into 2.5" strips. This one went off for donation. I like the look quite a bit, and think I will be doing another in this style.
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