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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's cooking...?

 Beginnings of a new MAM quilt top, for one thing. As I had mentioned in the post below, I found I really like the MAM blocks latticed. And the pre-cut purple paisley from friend Jean worked well. But moving right along, I have a lot of odds and ends of 2" white and off white strips laying around. I'm not in the mood for a log cabin, and decided they would do nicely for lattice in this MAM. I've got a stack cut at 2" X 6.5" and am adding them to blocks as I finish each block.
 Saturday I did some marathon sewing accompanied by Season One of The Waltons. The aqua and white burp cloths were given me pre-cut from scrap flannel(One side plain and one patterned). They are a bit smaller than I make them, but didn't let that stop me. The other 3 are made from one gently used receiving blanket. I wouldn't "gift" them( from used flannel) but they will help DD#2 with baby AJ. Poor little guy, he's has acid reflux despite the fact he is being nursed. He spits up A LOT! So the 8 of these are off to his Mommy. I have a couple more gently used receiving blankets and will sew those up for her too. Flannel burp cloths wash, dry and wear beautifully, and get softer with use.
 I managed to get several pillowcases cut, and at least one is sewn. It's headed off to a young man who needs a new one *VBS*
And in the scrappy odds and ends department, this oldie is back out and on the table. Hoping to get enough units made to finish it up...SOON!!
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