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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cold mornings, cold engine....

 makes for very slow start ups! Boy, am I not the slowest of the slow? There is an old saying "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak", fits me to a T. I did, however, get a kick start this past week. It arrived in the form of orphan blocks and spare parts from Em of Em's Scrapbag. She has graciously shared scraps and blocks with me before, and it add so much fun getting new ones to play with. Thank you again Em!
 And it certainly was a week of gifts. I had lunch with friend Betsy, my sewing buddy, last week. She sent me home with a bag of selvedges and some of her orphan blocks. She does alot of MAM(mile a minute) piecing, but doesn't do orphan block quilts. I don't mind, I'm happy to get them.
 Here a small top I made from very small homespun or brushed flannel scraps. They were all in a box of donated orphans. The majority were the size you probably don't save. But the Finn in me wanted to see what she could do with them. I was amazed to get 36 6" blocks with very little left overs.
I'm thinking it probably needs a border to "stop" it at the edges. I'm considering black. Any opinions?? I also wondered about a rust, or maybe even a reddish purple.
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Susan said...

The rust would be okay, but I really like the black. Those are, some of them, narrower than I save, but then I do save shorter pieces, as I'm sure you do, too.

If you send me your address again, next time I come across my pile of extra beepie blocks, I'll send you some. dezertsuz at gmail dot com.

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