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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More goodies to inspire......

This lovely collection belongs to Patti, I'm sure she has more, but this is what hit the design wall first. We all have to start somewhere. Chance are good everything will move to another spot before she's done..*VBS*. I got an email from Patti this a.m.(she's one of our challenge players) and she is sending me a picture of an older orphan quilt of hers. She says she showed it way back at the beginning of her blog, but I've forgotten...LOL. I'll post that one soon. I have received a couple of other emails, one from Jeanne with a second and possibly 3rd orphan quilt(gotta love that Jeanne!) and I'll have those pictures also. And one from Gypsyquilter of a rather unusual orphan quilts. The format of orphan covers quite abit of territory you know..*S* So keep watching for those. My plan is to keep the postings short(if possible) so as to give you maximum time to blog- surf and quilt or sew!! The second picture is of the blocks I will

be working with in this challenge. Lots of odds and ends of left over Christmas/Yuletide beginnings. It's not enough as yet, but I'm itching to jump into my scraps and make more. Do think about joining us, the more the merrier! Hugs, Finn

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Finn!
I love these quilts and happy to see you did a blog just for these quilts!
I have always wanted to make one of these quilts.
I have to admit to only having one ophan block! so mine is going to have to be blocks I make up to use for this quilt.
I have decided to make all those blocks I have wanted to try and never did!
I went to the NJ State Quilt show a few weeks ago and they had a quilt (great mixture of applique and pieced ) there that I just fell in love with . It was amazing, I am waiting to hear back from the maker and hopefully she will let me send it to you so you can share it with everyone too. Then I start reading on your other blog about these guess it was meant to be, I need to jump in and make one too!
Kathie in NJ

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