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Monday, January 14, 2008

An Unusual Orphan....

and as we know quilt blocks, like kids, come in many sizes, shapes and reasons to be. Today's Orphan Train quilt is from Ila at Kool Quilts.If I understand correctly, the Orphan block is the Big E. Here are Ila's words to describe this, her OLDEST UFO...*VBS*The pattern is from the Little Quilts book "Around the House."

"The corner block is a test sample I made for a gift quilt given back in
1993! My husband was deployed with the First Engineer Battalion of Ft.
Riley, KS for Operation Desert Storm in 1990, so this is my tribute to his
I've been terrible at keeping my word to get back here daily, but I have another use for orphan blocks from Rosemarie that I do PROMISE to share tomorrow *VBS*
***Post a Note*** Ila says it's not a big E, it's a castle...dahhhh! Must be I need my vision checked! Or maybe I've had it checked too many times and am still seeing "the big E"...LOL. Sorry Ila!

1 comment:

Ila said...

It's actually my stylized rendition of a castle, the symbol of the Army Engineers! Not that you could tell LOL! This was pre-embroidery machines, so it needed to be very simple.

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